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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

2016 Conference speakers

Dr Dijana Basic


Dr. sci. Dijana Bešić , M.D. is a specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation. She currently works at the Policlinic for physical medicine, rheumatology & physical therapy, Dr. Drago Čop“ in  Zagreb, Croatia.

Doctor Bešić uses Interactive Neurostimulation Therapy for nearly four years.  Since her first training course on the InterX device in December 2012 at the InterX clinic with Dr Zulia Frost, she realised personally and professionally how remarkable the InterX was.  As a physiatrist she found it to be effective to treat a wide range of conditions. 


In her daily work, dealing with various skeletal-muscular conditions, traumatic disorders including postoperative rehabilitation, sports injuries, fractures, etc., she found it to working providing pain relief, oedema reduction and optimal recovery time for her patients. Dr Bešić is very happy with the results using new treatment modality for her recovering patients!

Christine Horner

Christine Horner, ECNP, mRNT - European Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Member of the Register of Nutritional Therapists. Christine is a nutritional therapist and run a pain relief clinic. Having trained as a Nutritional Medicine practitioner, Margaret uses diet, nutritional supplements where necessary and appropriate lifestyle changes with her patients. Christine runs a ‘Margaret Hills clinic’ which is a three generation clinic with a special focus on all kinds of arthritis, (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, gout, polymyalgia rheumatica etc.) Since early 1980s and she worked alongside her mother Margaret using their unique osteoarthritis protocol.

She has found InterX therapy to be an excellent tool to speed relief from painful and debilitating symptoms, and she incorporated it into her practice many years ago, having used the technology since 1996… and it is the one tool which she would not like to be without!  In the last few years she also added Low Level Laser light therapy often combining with InterX therapy.


Whatever health challenge presents itself, Christine researches and seeks the most effective way forward.  Good health is real wealth - without it, it is hard to enjoy life.

Richard Righton

Richard Righton, a Soft Tissue Therapist, has been involved with Body Work since 2002 and InterX since 2006 (trained with Dr Z Frost), having background as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. Further training with the London School of Sports Massage, John Gibbons (Sports Osteopath/teacher and author of a number of books and journals), James Earls (one of the UK’s leading Myofascial trainers) with others have developed his skills where he now runs his own full time clinic treating elite athletes and others in Caterham, Surrey, SE England.

Richard takes a 'hands on' approach to holistic treatment and have many positive outcomes from combining InterX with soft tissue work to bring about lasting change. He finds by using, the InterX 'opens' the body to change more effectively.

Case studies presentation

Richard is going to speak covering a short history of his training and his introduction to InterX in 2006. He is presenting two case histories and general use of InterX in his practice and experience.

Ann Knott

Ann Knott, ND, qualified in 1992 in Dietary Healing and Colonic HydroTherapy. She went on to study with a German trained Naturopath and then an American Naturopath who had trained with Dr Candice Perth in endocrinology. In 1999 she gained her Naturopathic degree from the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science primarily led by among others Dr Roderick Lane.


In 2002 she trained with Dr Zulia Frost in Scenar/InterX therapy and from there went on to develop her protocols for treatment of bowel conditions, Bells Palsy, Planta Fasciitis , etc.. She has benefited over the years from Dr Zulia Frost's excellent training/continual development courses.

In 2003 she undertook quantum biofeedback SCIO therapy and forwarded this into the Infinity programme developing her own protocols as well as adding protocols from other experienced practitioners including Dr Ariel Policano the American Naturopath. 


She also uses the Inlight LED/frequency products. Is a trainer and practitioner for Peat Hypertherapy. She suns a busy clinic in Banbury, Oxfordshire with all this information and equipment available to her she supports a myriad of complex ailments.

Ann Knott ND

Lecture London 15th October 2016 Abstract;


In clinical protocol I use for Bell’s Palsy and adaption for other head injuries.

Identifying symptoms for bowel problems. In clinic protocol for InterX treatment. In clinical protocol I use for Plantar Fasciitis. Mending my broken Leg/damaged ankle. Pain relief and recovery for knee Replacement

Amira Segal

Amira Segal has been practicing in the field of natural medicine for almost 30years. Her education has started as a medical massage therapist in Toronto, Canada. She taught classes in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and treatments in the massage schools on the island of Maui in the mid 90th's. Her passion is to support individuals that are on a healing journey to regain their power over their healing. InterX came to the rescue in her life 5 years ago, and became one of her passions, with the support that the body always heal itself.


She runs an InterX Clinic Benelux in Amsterdam, busy spreading the good word of this amazing technology.

“Facial Pain and the use of n.Vagus activation in InterX therapy”

Amira Segal

Lecture London 15th October 2016 Abstract:

A Vagus Nerve has a much more importance than we usually think of it. Knowledge of anatomy of this nerve is essential in order to understand why we need to include in treatment protocols as well is when and where. There is a link between Tibetan tapping system and InterX technology.


I started to investigate, and found that within the tapping system there is a certain way to decompress and reset the Vagal Nerve to support even better results in the treatment of many conditions. I applied this knowledge working with my patients in several facial nerve conditions, the results of the treatment were different. Since then I use this technique on all of my patients and myself, aiming to support wellbeing.

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