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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

By Dr Zulia Valeyeva-Frost

Let’s understand first what is DNA. DNA is the blueprint we are given as part of the double helix strand in our chromosomes. Every cell in the body contains DNA, the genetic code or set of instructions necessary for survival, growth and development. The sequences that make up the genetic code are turned into messages that dictate which proteins should be made and which function should be carried out. The other part is made of proteins that act as a cover over the double helix, similar to how skin covers our bodies. These specialised proteins (or transcription factors), have function to read or ‘trigger the expression’ of DNA[2] .

Environment that we are exposed to, can impact these proteins and by doing so, activate some genes and represses others.

DNA Enviroment/Choices

So, what type of environment are we talking about? In a nutshell, they are the "choices" we make in life: for example, what we eat, how much time we spend in front of the computer or on a mobile phone, do we sit all day or exercise, how stressful our work demands, habits, and believe me or not, what we think, how we feel, relationships we make, all influence our perceptions of the world, our internal world of "expressed" genes.


Dr Bruce Lipton in his book ‘Biology of belief’ tells us that we are a collection of trillions of cells, much like a single drop of water is to the ocean, and, as such, are also influenced by our environment[3].


However, not only good signals can come from the environment[4], any type of energy, frequency of any kind, can harm our DNA[5]. Imagine how you can instinctively love or hate some music. Spiritual chanting can enhance our DNA expression. Another example, living next to a transformer or mobile phone mast or a BT tower… Such an intense invisible current can be harmful to the body, as that strong energy can be destructive to our DNA.

It is important to understand that the disease is not caused by one single faulty DNA, often hundreds of different genes contribute to a disease pattern. Do you know how quickly our genes respond to changes in the environment? Some genes can be activated immediately within two seconds to two minutes (Immediately Early Genes). They mediate between environment and body’s neurochemical processes. For example, gene C-fos, binds to DNA altering its genetic expression, defining how your body responds to stress, (physical or emotional). Immediate Early Genes also control the function of your immune system and fetus development.


There are some slower genes: Intermediate Genes with their peak of expression between two hours to eight hours and Later Genes that are expressed between hours to years.

Surprisingly not only time defines genetic expression of various DNA. There are genes which change because of our behavior. They typically linked to ultradian and circadian rhythms, for example secretion of hormones ACTH and cortisol, the peak of expression is every two hours[6]. Scientists discovered that even experiences can affect your DNAs! They can be activated by learning and novelty. The more we learn and more excited about new events in our life the more neuronal connections we grew in our brains[7].


In terms of therapeutics it is important to understand that any therapeutic device that produces frequency, whether it is electrical, electro-magnetic (light) or sound, is going to affect the DNA expression too


Here, I would like to share with you the scientific study results that demonstrate how the InterX treatment can affect your generic expression:


‘Both up- and down- regulated gene activity was seen in this study’. To simplify the result, the InterX stimulates energy processes and healing (for example, cartilage, connective tissue and elastin repair) on the cellular level by up-regulating genetic expression of the corresponding genes (switching on healing mode).

At the same time, the InterX reduces inflammation by regulating the genetic expression of the genes that are associated with activation, adhesion and recruitment of inflammatory cells. This is important in the putative anti-inflammatory effects of the InterX device’[8]



Similarly, biophotomodulation of red/infra-red low intensity lasers was thoroughly researched for effects on DNA expression[9]. In summary, scientific reviews are the following:


‘Genetic expression of the genes associated with antioxidant activity, energy metabolism, cellular respiration, cell growth,  apoptosis, stress response,  were up-regulated. It was suggested that low Intensity lasers stimulate cell growth directly by regulating the expression of specific genes, as well as indirectly by regulating  genes related to DNA synthesis, repair, and cell metabolism.’ (repairing DNA itself)


As famous German scientist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp (who was the first to study bio-effects of light) said:


‘We know today that man is essentially a being of light. And the modern science of photobiology ... is presently proving this. In terms of healing ... the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that ... light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say, emphatically that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light’


So what can we test?

We are unique. This brings us to understanding that treatment approach should also be unique and tailored to your specific needs. Knowledge of how these genes can be affected by environmental factors enables us to create a highly effective, personalised therapeutic program. DNA testing provides a unique insight into each patient’s individual genetic response to a specific nutrient, exercise or life style changes. It works with your health preventatively to overcome stress, fatigue, disease and aging. Let’s understand what it really means to lead a healthy life style full of vitality and energy whilst finding the best way to maintain it.


You might ask, once I know what my future holds for me… what would I do with this information? You must remember that genes are not static! For myself, I would like to know, because then I could start with my early prevention programs, I may use nutirgenetics  (science of using specific nutrients to turn off some faulty genes) or get my InterX out or I may have laser– biophotomodulation therapy[10].


DNA testing for WELLNESS helps to create a highly effective and personalised treatment for you. At Healthhub we offer three type of DNA wellness assessment:


  • DNA Health


  • DNA Diet


  • DNA Sport




[3] ‘Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousnessэ, Matter, & Miracles, November 30, 2007,  Bruce Lipton


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[8] Joseph F.Clark, ATC, PhD. Gail Pyne-Geithman, D Phil

Department of Neurology, University of Cincinnati, OH 45267-0536, USA. ‘Changes in Lymphocyte Metabolism, Gene Expression and Cytokine production following Transdermal Interactive Neurostimulation: indicators of Connective Tissue Healing and Anti-inflammatory activity’



First when I thought of DNA testing I was curious to know what genes I have which are ‘good’ and which are ‘bad’? Not for practical use but just for curiosity, however the more I studied the subject the more I found the world of DNA incredible. Guess what! The dogma of genes being unchangeable has been overturned by a new science called epigenetics.


Epigenetics literally means ‘above’ or ‘on top of’ genetics. It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes ‘on’ and ‘off’. These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells ‘read" genes’[1]. Epigenetics has transformed the way we think about genomics.

It is opening new possibilities in treating all kinds of conditions.

DNA Assessment


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