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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

The 3 Test Variants


DNA Health tests 34 gene variants involved in 7 key biological processes that are key factors in the onset of chronic disease and provides a comprehensive report with individual recommendations:


  • cholesterol metabolism

  • methylation

  • detoxification

  • oxidative stress

  • inflammation

  • insulin resistance

  • bone health

  • food responses (lactose intolerance, caffeine or salt sensitivity

DNA Diet is intended if you have weight gain and/or weight maintenance issues; this test is helpful if you have a difficulty in losing weight. The test results include recommendations relating for optimisation of diet and exercise programs. DNA diet tests for 13 gene variants that impact metabolism and exercise:


• Response to diet and exercise


• Individual energy adaptation needs


• Predisposition to slow or rapid weight gain


• Training strategies for achieving greatest weight loss

DNA Fit is aimed at both the elite as well as the recreational athlete looking to gain maximum return from their training time. The profile tests for 19 gene variants for sporting performance, providing insights into optimising training strategies. The test results help to optimise intensity/training duration/frequency and recovery times to match individual needs:


• Strength and endurance


• Connective tissues - likelihood of soft tissue injury (STI)


• Recovery time

Research in genomics and human DNA fascinates us. Since discovery of DNA we are lead to believe that DNA cannot be changed and we are doomed if inherited some damaged genes. Exciting new discoveries from epigenetics gives us new hope: scientists confirmed that our genes can be turned ON or OFF by using environmental factors. This allows us to look at our genetic pattern now and work with our health preventatively. Check your familial predispositions and learn what can be done to keep the faulty gene Off with impact from diet, lifestyle and exercise.


DNA testing for WELLNESS helps to create highly effective and personalised treatment for you.


  • DNA Health


  • DNA Diet


  • DNA Sport

DNA Assessment


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