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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

DNA Sport


Test cost: £149


Sample Type: saliva


Average Processing time: 2 – 3 weeks


Testing tube is normally sent to the patient via DHL with the detailed instructions of how to take a sample. The sample then should be sent directly to Nordic laboratories, instructions and prepaid postage will be provided. Test report is uploaded online; a certified practitioner will explain them to you. You will receive a printed and electronic copy of your test report. 


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DNA Sport provides insight into the potential of your sporting performance and trainability. This test is suitable for anyone who is interested in improving and optimising their performance, identifying their weaknesses and reaching peak levels of conditioning. It is especially useful for children or young adults choosing a professional career in sport, helping to optimise exercise selection. These tests offer the best recovery strategies and warn you of potential damage from specific injuries. For some, it will help to choose the correct exercise programme for weight management.


Genes have now been coded and studied so that we can tell an athlete, or their coach, whether they should be training towards power or endurance sport. Also how quickly they are likely to recover from training sessions, and their genetic susceptibility for tendon and other soft tissue injuries. DNA Sport utilises these genes and the information they contain to offer a quantitative assessment of the athlete’s physiological disposition towards certain activities.



DNA Sport profile tests for 19 genes in three categories that relate to sporting performance:


  • Power and Endurance

  • Tendon Pathology



Power and Endurance - defines whether your genetic predisposition is towards power sport, such as: weight lifting, athletics (discus/hammer throw), wrestling, etc. or endurance sport such as: running, tennis, swimming or cycling


In this test, genes that code for physiological factors such as: circulation, blood pressure control, strength, cardio-pulmonary capacity, mitochondrial synthesis, muscle fibre type specialisation, muscle fibre hypertrophy, cardiac output, muscle metabolism and adaptability to training regimes are identified


Tendon Pathology  - certain genetic expression points out structural integrity of soft tissues in the body


Certain polymorphisms implicate predisposition to tendon injuries (including Achilles Tendonitis), plus ligament, cartilage and bone pathology.


Recovery genes are the best indicator, within this genetic panel, of the need to integrate training and nutritional advice when supporting an athlete’s health and fitness.


The featured genes reveal any disposition to inflammation and free radical stress within the body, which may imply the need for more focused nutritional support, along with extended recoveries between training repetitions and sessions.


DNA Sport provides a comprehensive 10 page report, summarising everything you need to know about your genetic predispositions and provides strategies for your improvement. Firstly, you will be taken through your test results that define your genetic prevalence: either for power or endurance or even a bit of both. You will see your sporting potential in comparison to elite athletes. Then, there will be a substantiation of key of training principles for you. Further, an insight into some possible risks and expectation of recovery from injury. You will be given advice on setting your training zones, based on measurement of threshold heart rate, together with the explanation of training sessions, including:  weight training, sprinting, plyometric, Pilates and yoga. Finally advice on sleep, body work, mind work and nutritional recovery strategy, will conclude your personalised profiling.


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DNA Sport


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