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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

Itinerary for Evidence-Based Energy Medicine Course

09:45     Morning session


  • What do we know about energy in the body?

  • Modern understanding of the cellular energetic functioning. Types of cellular energy production. ATP production through cellular respiration. Glycolysis and Ketolysis. Aerobic & Anaerobic respiration.

  • Understanding pathological cellular state is the key to understanding energetic healing


10:30     SHORT BREAK: (approx. 10 minutes)

  • Historical reference to Qi. Qi – modern view, Quantum physics theory. TCM paradigm

  • What is Energy? Forms of Energy?  Concepts of Biofields.

  • Introduction to Quantum Medicine. Quantum physics principles in relation to our body. Bio-photons, quantum coherence. Light is a new form of cellular communication.


13:00     Lunch break (approx. 1 hour)


14:00     Afternoon session


  • Fasica is Living Connective Matrix. Meridians as high velocity communication pathways.

  • Four states of water, EZ water.

  • Clinical aspect of Energy medicine. Therapeutic applications. Case study reports


15:00     Short break: (approx. 10 minutes)               

Hands-on Energy Medicine Workshop: observation, testing and personal experience.

Four principle Modalities:

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field - PEMF

Noninvasive Interactive Neuromodulation - NIN

  • Neurostimulation and neuromodulation

  • Energetic aspect of Interactive Neuromodulation with the InterX device. Use of principles of TCM and Acupuncture through paradigm of NIN. Yin/Yang imbalances and Zang Fu organs. Syndrome differentiation. Tongue and Pulse diagnosis introduction.

  • Commonly used acupuncture points for use with the InterX

Biophotomodulation - LLLT

  • Therapeutic Lasers

  • LED therapy

Sound Therapy:

  • Percussion & Vibrations

  • Music

Guest Speaker: Denise Leicester (founder of ILA Spa), presenting her own therapeutic music in 435Hz. She created Soul Medicine in collaboration with Composer Tom Simenauer, it is a collection of heartfelt tracks based on 432 Hz tuning that has been clinically proven to decrease stress levels, boost resilience and restore biological, physical and mental vitality to promote wellbeing and cellular balance through listening:

16:45     Discussion

17:30     Closing Questions and Certification


In this workshop patients with real pain conditions are presented as a demo case study and are treated interactively. 


CPD Certificate of attendance (8 hours)


Training fee: £150.00 (£124 + Vat), Refreshers £75.00 (£62 + Vat)


Course Location: InterX Clinic



Enrolment: this course is on demand only, contact Dr Frost direct

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