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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

Enrolment Form

£162.00 (Vat inclusive)/hour

£162.00 (Vat inclusive) /hour

£240.00 (Vat inclusive)

  £20.00 (Vat inclusive)

Please fill out form below to reserve your place on the desired training course or webinar

When enrolling on webinar, please state which webinar you want to attend in the comment section.      


Please make your payment prior to the beginning of the event. You can make your payment :

  • via online PayPal payment (below), please register then pay using your full name as reference 

  • by bank transfer, please contact US to get the bank transfer instructions.

  • TCM & Acupuncture training

  • Online training

  • InterX Membership

  • Webinar                       

Please fill in enrollment form prior to making payment

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