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Health Hub UK, 1st Floor

105-107 Bath Road

Cheltenham, Glos, GL53 7LE

Opening Times

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5:00pm

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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

Enrolment Form

Please fill out form below to reserve your place on the desired training course.


  • Foundation training                                                          £230.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • Advanced training                                                             £230.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • Practical Workshop                                                           £230.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • TCM & Acupuncture training                                            £230.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • Energy Medicine training                                                 £150.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • Refresher Course for Foundation, Advanced                 £115.00 (Vat inclusive)

  • Refresher Practical Workshop                                         £115.00 (Vat inclusive)

       covering tuition fees, course notes, refreshments and treatments.



Please make your payment prior to the beginning of the course. You can make your payment :

  • via online PayPal payment (below), please register then pay using your full name as refererance (prices include card processing fees).

  • by cheque payable to: ‘InterX Clinic ltd’ and send it to: 

       InterX Clinic 

       1st Floor

        105-107 Bath Road

       Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 7LE

  • by wire transfer, please contact US to get the bank transfer instructions.

Please fill in enrolment form prior to making payment