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This treatment provides energy to the body and supports other treatments, for example nutritional, physiotherapy or any other therapy aimed at rehabilitation.



What to expect after the treatment:

• Energy presence, feeling balanced, relaxed and positive, opposite of a caffeine rush

• Improvement in physical performance and endurance

• Mental clarity

• Better sleep

• Improvement of microcirculation

• Possible improvement in injury repair

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

New age acupuncture with light

At last the 21st century is here: Science has finally proven that acupuncture points can be stimulated equally if not better with light than conventional acupuncture needles. You no longer need to fear the needle, all the benefits of acupuncture can now be received quick and painlessly by applying the non-invasive laserneedles.


Why light?

We are born and live under the sunlight. We are in effect, beings of light… and recent discoveries just prove that: our cellular processes are fuelled by photons of light. Our DNA stores light particles and re-emits them when energy is needed. Light therapy has been used since ancient times and is now being revived by thousands of research papers proving its effectiveness in numerous ailments. 

‘Laserneedles’ light stimulation is a top quality medical technology that is scientifically and clinically proven for its effectiveness. 

Why laser light?

Scientists have identified that laser produces the most coherent (ordered) beam of photons at room temperature compared to all other light sources. Low intensity Laser is the most in tune with the human body that is why it can be used for therapeutic purpose. It uses low energies without any destruction to the tissue, sufficient to gently stimulate.


Whilst enjoying acupuncture-like effect, laserneedle gives you another essential element, pure ENERGY.  Our body is made of trillions of cells, guess how much energy is needed every second of the day?


Laserneedles treatment can be tailored to specifically target red or white blood cells to re-energise them, so they are able do their job.

Scientifically named biophotomodulation therapy 

Effects on

the cell


The energy production centre of the cell mitochondrion absorbs light in the red, green and blue spectrum fuelling the respiration chain, so that cells can breathe healthily. This ignites a cellular energy process, revitalising the cell to defend against bacterial or viral attacks.


Another effect of laserneedles is to improve micro-circulation, this is very important as blood brings oxygen and nutrients to cells as well as removing waste products. Ill cells with inadequate respiration become acidic and attract bacteria. That is why modern medicine focuses on cellular health. 

Laserneedle Acupuncture

A beam of light is focused through a tiny needle-size opening (that is why they are called ‘laserneedles’) to create a gentle, but powerful stimulation with pure light in conjunction with the fundamental principles of Acupuncture. This is a pain-free procedure with no side-effects, especially good for children, who find this treatment to be fun and enjoyable.

Quantum medicine

To get an immediate energy boost, a laser beam is shone directly on blood with various frequencies in sequence. This is a form of quantum medicine.  The effects are phenomenal: pure photonic light energy immediately is distributed around the whole body. One can sense the energy presence as an ultimate balance. The effects are accumulative and essential in treating any chronic condition to increase energy levels. This application can be delivered through the skin where the veins are close to the surface.

Treatment is approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the condition, you may require a course of treatments from 4 to 10 sessions.


Who will benefit from the treatment?

• Anyone who suffers with chronic illness, 

• nyone who suffers with chronic fatigue 

• Lethargy 

• Athletes

• Suffering with non-healing chronic ailments

Athletes wanting to improve sport performance and endurance can greatly benefit from light therapy.


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