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Amanda Jane Pitkethly PhD

I was previously a fitness professional, which mostly involved personal training and injury rehabilitation (using the InterX since 2007).

Although I have retrained as a sport & exercise (and performance) psychologist, the InterX is still very much a part of the services I offer, not only to the general public, but to athletes and performers from other areas such as musicians, dancers and business executives.

Other therapies offered:

Sport, exercise and performance psychology


Patient Message:

If you are looking to solve a physical or mental problem that is impacting on your performance, please get in touch.

Business address:


Although, please email in the first instance to arrange an appointment


Business telephone:

07710 878392 (as above, please email me in the first instance


Business email:




‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

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