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This screening program uses non-invasive modern techniques which can define the most important wellness parameters:


• Essential Amino-acids

• Essential fatty Acids 

• Anti-oxidants

• Vitamins

• Minerals

• Microbiology

• Toxicity report

• Mobile phone, EMF pollutions

• Food intolerance

• Food additives intolerance

How to book a test

Please Contact Us to book an appointment at our Cheltenham office or to book a remote test and telephone assessment. We will provide further instruction for remote testing.

Disclaimer: This is not a food allergy test or physical diagnosis of associated illness. The above indicators only point out bio-resonance imbalance. Always seeks professional advice when make nutritional and dietary changes.

Hair Profiler

We are pleased to introduce our Bio-Profiler, a revolutionary technological breakthrough that puts the power of a ‘state of the art’ bio-resonance laboratory directly into your hands. Our Bio-Profiler is a ‘first of its kind ‘ device that interfaces cellular bio-information at the point of use and then transfers this information to a high-tech center for detailed assessment.

The bio-resonance processing takes less then 10 minutes and the results are returned in the form of a comprehensive Bio-Profile report. Each bio-profile report provides an in-depth, highly visual and user-friendly view of many key wellness indicators for the tested person. The profile results are based on the cellular resonance values of the individual and afford a new and insightful view of the body’s imbalances.

bio-profiling using specifically calibrated frequency filters that resonate with bio-field markers generated from hair samples. By measuring the frequency emissions intensity for each resonant marker in the bio-field, it is possible to build up a unique view of the cellular environment from an entirely different perspective.


A reliable and stable source of cells can be found in hair, which acts as an excretory organ storing approximately four months of metabolic activity and other data in just four-five cm of hair. A Bio-Profiler unit is used to collect the bio-field information at source.

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark


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