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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

Itinerary for Advanced Training



9:45am - Morning Session


9:45am         REGISTRATION


10:00am       INTRODUCTION


                     Overview: Feedback on the use of the Interx: success and challenges

                     Theory Introduction: Science of TENS, Comparison to Interactive Neurostimulation;

                     Physiology of pain; How the InterX interferes with pain; Complex chronic pain and its impact on the patient.     


11:20am       SHORT BREAK:  (approx. 10 minutes)




                     Update on clinical and scientific research. Body misalignment and short muscle syndrome. Soft tissue release. 3:1                                          protocol. Assessment ability of the InterX and rational behind in taking readings; Preparation for the assessment: Patient                              preparation and intake forms; Assessment protocol. Trigeminal points protocol. Parasympathetic zones.


12:30pm       GROUP PRACTISE - Working in pairs: Assessment Protocol and Trigeminal Points


1:00pm         LUNCH BREAK: (approx. 1 hour)



2:00pm - Afternoon Session



2:00pm         GROUP PRACTISE - Working in pairs: Assessment Protocol and Trigeminal Points (swap)


2:30pm         THEORY:  Treatment Planning based on the Assessment  

                      THEORY: Neuropathic Pain, different approach to Nociceptive Pain; Active Sites – deeper view, Paraspinal Sites, Nerve                                    (Homeostatic points) Prognostic Quantitive evaluation Technique;


                     GROUP PRACTICE - Working in pairs:  Quantitive Evaluation technique

                     Treatment Protocol for treating Neural Points, Anatomy of the Neural (Homeostatic Points)


3:00pm         SHORT BREAK:  (approx. 10 minutes)


3:10pm         DEMO PATIENT: ‘Nerve Points’ treatment protocol


3:45pm         Practising on demo patient in finding Nerve (Homeostatic Points)

                     Source Points protocol Sample cases – discussion; Treatment planning for neuropathic pain.


                     Case study guidelines

                     Written Assessment                  


5:00pm         Closing Questions and Certification  

In this workshop patients with real pain conditions are presented as a demo case study. They are treated interactively. 


CPD Certificate of attendance - 8 points (8 hours)


Training fee: £250.00 (Inc VAT)


Course Location: Tree of Life Centre, Lower Court, Staverton, Gloucestershire, GL51 0TW


Enrolment: To enrol and pay, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the enrolment form page to complete the form and payment details.

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