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‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

What does the InterX™ work on?

InterX™ works on pain:

· sport injuries (whether is it fresh or long-term) - sprained ankle, rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, piriformis   syndrome, muscular and ligament strains, patellar-femur syndrome, brachial plexitis, Shlatter’s, Ileo-tibial band overuse syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splits (MTSS), groin pain, etc.


· workplace related injuries: neck and lower back pain, disc problems, frozen shoulder, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries.


· arthritis of the joints.


· many others: headaches, migraines, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), period pains, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The treatment

Typically 20-30 minutes, but even 10 minutes could be sufficient to provide a pain relief in the case of acute trauma. The course of treatment varies from one, up to six. It is important to have treatments close to each other



The patient must watch and monitor the changes in their body. These changes are important and help to guide a therapist through the treatment process. After treatment the pain localises in the area where the InterX™ should be applied next and this area can ache at night. This is a common and good reaction and must be reported to the therapist.

InterX™ the treatment

• The InterX™ is applied to the skin, typically at the site of pain/inflammation. (It is often applied along the spinal column to stimulate the nerves). The sensation is a comfortable prickle.

• Typically pain lessens immediately after the treatment although there may be some residual pain. 

• The full effect from treatment is typically expected next day & may last up to one/two days.

• Often as a result of the stimulation reaching the central nervous system, you may feel sleepy. This allows the body to rest as it promotes the  healing process.

Timing is important

If you can attend your injury as soon as possible, the outcome is extremely effective: you are in a lot less pain throughout the recovery and it heals much faster. You can use it intensively, up to five times a day in case of a fresh injury or every other day on arthritic pains or back pain. The personal InterX™ can be rented or purchased to support your recovery.


Chronic pain sufferers with nerve related conditions, for example, trigeminal neuralgia, disc diseases, fibromyalgia and others like irritable bowel syndrome, should be treated by a therapist.

InterX™ therapy is a non-invasive interactive neurostimulation. It is a medical technology for treating pain, injuries and promoting natural healing. 


This therapy was originally designed to keep cosmonauts in peak health and has shown to be highly effective across a wide range of conditions, helping a broad spectrum of patients return to an active lifestyle. High profile athletes and professional sports clubs use the InterX™ device on a daily basis world-wide.

InterX™ therapy

How does it work?

The technology is based on ancient ‘Tibetan tapping’ technique, but instead of tapping with fingers, the InterX uses electrical pulses at specific frequencies. The InterX™ has feedback that helps interactively adjust the pulse characteristics. This allows the body to focus on the cause of pain/ injury, and jump starts the healing process leading to a faster recovery.


In general, InterX™ therapy promotes your own body’s healing and provides sustained pain relief naturally, without side effects. It is particularly good alternative for patients who are reactive to medication.

In a nutshell!

InterX™ is a safe and effective treatment for adults and children. It is safe, because the stimulation is very precise, at the exact place, with optimal intensity and time-dosed without over-stimulation. The stimulation is only limited to the skin (because of that, it can be used on hip/knee replacements). Remarkable results have been proven by peer-review studies and in use by many hospitals and sport organisations world-wide. The InterX™ is an outstanding tool to deal with pain relief and speeding up healing time in comparison to other professional devices.


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