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Francesca Charlton

I am currently part of a clinic which offers solutions to help people get well and be pain free. I specialise in spinal problems and injuries throughout the body. I am part of a busy clinic in Karlstad called CAM Carlstad Alternative Medicine.



I use the modalities best suited to the patient needs that are within my area of skills. I work with various type of massage including Trigger point therapy, fascia release, muscle train therapy, the InterX and special spinal release techniques. A blend of these is usually necessary during the treatment with the client then working with a few months of appropriate stretching after the treatments and during the season of sport. A blend of treatments, training and stretching is a powerful combination.


My qualifications:

One of the main qualifications I have is experience, I have been working in this area since I was 16 years old and qualified as a massage therapist when I was 18 so this year I have 24 years’ experience.


I really topped off my skills when I took my qualifications in Sports Therapy and the use of the InterX in 2004. From this point I became able to work with the treatment of acute injuries anywhere in the body, rehabilitation and with sports teams and individuals. My personal sporting back ground in Martial arts (kampsport) I have been training in Karate, Aikido, Shoalin Kung-Fu and Qi Gong. All of which I am still in love with but Karate is my 1st love.


Last year I began a 3 year course in TCM-Acupuncture and will be introducing these skills into the clinic as I become qualified.

Other therapies offered:

Homeopathy, Sports Therapy, Injury Therapist

Patient Message:

If you are suffering from back, neck, joint or muscle problems give me a call.

I work with acute injuries caused through training, over work or accidents as well chronic problems that have been an irritation for months or years.

Business address:

Våxnäsgatan 9, 653 40 Karlstad


Business telephone:

+46 (0) 54-18 87 88

+46 (0) 730 282575


Business email:



Joyce Evans

Physiotherapist for GFA, Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastic’s, Gibraltar Rugby and FC Britannia


Other therapies offered:

Ultra Sound, Massage , Mobilisation, Rehab Progs, Laser

Business address:

Specialist Medical Clinic , First Floor , ICC, Case Mates Gibraltar


Business telephone:



Business email:

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ 

Arthur C Clark

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